Orion – Pre-Employment Survey

Are you concerned about the Work Ethic of your Entry Level Applicants?

Learn about bad Attitudes, Behaviors and Work Experiences before you hire!

The Orion Pre-employment Survey answers the following questions:

Work Attitudes
Do they have problems getting to work on time?
Will they make excuses for being tardy or absent?
Do they identify themselves as a “difficult person to supervise?”

Workplace Safety
Have they taken physical risks in previous jobs?
Have they been cautioned about safety violations in previous jobs?

Workplace Drug Use
Do they have a permissive attitude toward workplace drug use? Do they believe drug use won’t affect their work performance? Will they rationalize or justify the use of drugs?

Learn how Orion will add value to your selection process:

  • Reduce Turnover – minimize the no call/no show new-hires.
  • Efficient Interview – ask the “right” interview questions with custom questions generated based on an applicant’s responses.
  • Hire for fit – identify the applicants who possess a good work ethic and who will come to work, to work!

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