Health Care Readiness Assessment (HCRA)

The Health Career Readiness Assessment (HCRA) is a behavioral-based assessment solution for any individual seeking a career in Healthcare.


Identifying students and/or displaced workers who possess the right ‘soft-skills’ for a successful career in a Healthcare is critical. HCRA gives Workforce Agencies, Colleges, School Districts and Vocational Schools an objective assessment to help the Healthcare Career Seeker be successful in their quest for the right Healthcare position and training.

Objective Assessment

HCRA provides an objective assessment for an individual beyond a GPA. In just 15-20 minutes any individual can discover if they have the behavioral competencies (soft-skills) that are critical for success in today’s healthcare workplace. All questions are non-threatening and written at a 6th-8th grade reading level.

Feedback Reports

Both the Career Seeker and those administering the HCRA receive in-depth feedback reports. A Developmental Action Plan report for the student and/or displaced worker and an Administrative report to help you guide and coach the Healthcare Career Seeker.


HCRA is easy to administer, cost effective, and helping organizations and communities nationwide to guide the right people into the right healthcare career path. This allows your organization and the Career Seeker to invest resources where they’ll have the greatest impact.

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